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With Kate Harlow

Corfu, Greece: October 1st-7th, 2022 

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Every woman wants love.


Whether she's seeking, longing, searching, desiring deeper, craving more or wanting bigger love....  

We are hardwired for it. 

But most women are stuck in the painful struggle when it comes to men, dating & relationships. 

The bottom line - Women have been hurt.

Because of past hurts and heartbreaks, most women have built an internal resistance to the very thing they so deeply long for.  

They spend SO much time learning tactics and strategies to attract love - but end up contorting who they are to 'get the guy'.  

Or attract the same painful, challenging relationships over and over again. 

Or they worry they'll never find love again.

The Truth?

The ONLY reason a woman doesn't attract the RIGHT love relationship, is because aspects of HERSELF are shut down.  

When a woman awakens to ALL of who she is - she becomes completely irresistible to everything she desires.  

Attracting love is effortless.  

Which is why I created an infallible system - that is designed to UNLOCK ALL of who you are.  

...And shift old, unhealthy love patterns that stop you from experiencing the depths of love you long for. 

"Your task is not to seek love, but merely to seek and find all of the barriers within yourself you've built against it." Rumi 

Are you ready for EPIC Life Changing LOVE? 

This is my Personal Invitation...


Join me, for a week experience that will change the course of your life. 

Choose YOU! Put YOU first. Invest in YOU. 

Love doesn't have to be so painful or hard.

The Immersion is by application -and always sells out fast. 

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Women spend SO much time investing in others.

But most have a hard time investing in themselves.

For centuries, women have been taught to put EVERYONE else first. 

THIS is what depletes a woman of her connection to herself and her ability to be IRRESISTIBLE to her desires. 

You MUST put you first.  

The Immersion is a LONG-term investment in YOU.

This is the KEY to not only attracting EPIC love but also the secret to a thriving relationship and a deeply fulfilling life. 

You are SO worth it. 

So, if you are ready to uplevel your life in the MOST significant way...

My invitation is for you to take the first step.

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I’ll personally review your answers, and if it feels aligned - we'll set up a call to uncover the blocks that have been holding YOU back from the love and life you desire. 

And we'll explore if The Immersion is the next BEST step for YOU! 

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By the end of The Immersion you will...

Learn how to create true intimacy in all your relationships

Experience Deeper Fulfillment in all areas of your life

Awaken YOUR own unique Irresistibility

Unlock a Deep Confidence within YOU- beyond anything you've experienced before  

Rewire unhealthy love patterns that have been BLOCKING you from experiencing EPIC love

Feel more attractive, radiant, turned on, sexy, sensual, powerful, beautiful and ALIVE!!! 

It's time to become a Magnet to the Love and LIFE you've always dreamed of...


Picture Your Week In Paradise


You’ll fly into the island of Corfu where you'll be escorted to the stunningly beautiful villa and luxury estate that you’ll share with an intimate group of women from all over the world. 

You will experience sisterhood with these women like you’ve never felt before, and friendships that will last a lifetime. 

All week, you will be served and nourished like a Queen with the most delicious Mediterranean cuisine, while practicing mastering the art of receiving.

You will be lavished with the magic of Greece & Grecian pleasures all week: Swims in the infinity pool, breathtaking sunsets, magical floats in the sea, movement, dance, pleasure, sisterhood, a beauty photo-shoot... 

And the deepest, most Profound AWAKENING to become the woman you were born to be. 

The Immersion IS for you if...

  • You are ready to have the love you desire
  • You are willing to invest in yourself 
  • You know transformation takes work and you are ready for it 
  • You desire to embrace your femininity and connect with other supportive women 
  • You are ready to melt away any insecurities and unlock your irresistibility
  • You desire to be bright, bold and live a life you love
  • You want to awaken to ALL of who you are

The Immersion IS NOT for you if...

  • You aren't ready to let go of the struggle 
  • You don't want to get vulnerable or real
  • You're not willing to invest time, money & energy to have what you want
  • You don't desire supportive connection with other women
  • You don't like travel 
  • You aren't willing to be out of your comfort zone

Join me on this Life Changing Journey in one of the most Pleasure Filled Countries in the WORLD!

It's important to note, this work is NOT for everyone

It’s deep, it’s vulnerable… And it takes a LOT of courage to show up and invest in yourself in this way.  

So if you are feeling a call within you, even an inkling… Follow it.  

Lets explore, connect - and discover if it's the RIGHT time for YOU. 

Click the link below, fill out the questionnaire and I will be in touch! 

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What Women Are Saying about The Immersion...

"I am bold with my preferences and boundaries - and he loves it!"


Before working with Kate, life was ‘good’ but something was missing. I couldn’t break through to that next level in both business and in my love life 

After The Immersion - my life will never be the same. I got in touch with a part of me that’s been hiding out – a beautifully bodacious lover of life, not concerned with what everyone thinks. I’ve started dating and I am bold with my preferences and boundaries – and he loves it! (He knows right where he stands. ;))  

I am finally fully comfortable in my own skin. (I used to be jealous of those women!) I am happier, my walk is calmer, I dance more freely.  

-Shauna V Florida, USA 







"I feel more extraordinary than I have ever felt before!"


Before I met Kate, I was in need of a shift. I wanted to learn more about myself and do some new work. When I learned of Kates teachings and how to be irresistible and attract love, I was intrigued.  

I signed up for The Immersion in October 2017. Wow what an experience! Top 10 in my life for sure! 

It blew my expectations I had right out of the water! How I am today is because of The Immersion experience. I learned so much about myself and came home with life changing tools, and a new way of thinking. I feel more extraordinary than I have ever felt before. I am so grateful for everything I've learned. 

I’m grateful for having met Kate. She has so much to teach us and we all need to learn it and be aware of it. She’s an amazing, smart beautiful gal with an important message for all women.  

Donita Kelowna, BC 




"I am living the best version on myself..."


Kate Harlow has changed my life dramatically. She helped me give a voice to a person who felt small and invisible. She helped me work through my darkest fears and insecurities, changed the way I perceived myself, that led the way for my true self to confidently emerge and have a voice. 

Since The Immersion, I have dramatically changed the way I think, feel and show up both at work and in my personal life. My sister who I’ve been close to all my life said this is the happiest she’s seen me - ever. 

At work, I am being heard and recognized for my ideas and drive. Even complete strangers have stopped me on the street to mention that they love the energy they feel around me. 

I am living the best version of myself, have reached a level of happiness I’ve never felt before. I am now showing up as the beautiful and irresistible woman that Kate has seen in me.  

Thank you Kate Harlow! I will forever be grateful for how you’ve impacted my life.

Zusette Vancouver, BC 

So Let Me Ask You This...

How long are YOU going to wait to CLAIM the life you were BORN to live? 

Join me in Greece…. Your life will NEVER be the same. 

I promise you this. 

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And lets TALK! 

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