Join me for  The Expanded Love Weekend where you will get intimate with YOU, probably for the first time...


Limited to only 5 women - and there is only 3 spots left!!!

Dates: February 13th & 14th 2021

Cost: $997.00


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To love and be loved. This is what we all want deep down, yes?

I believe it’s why we’re here, having this crazy human experience.

To be love, to have love, to give love and to experience love in all its glory.

But unfortunately, when it comes to love - we were not set up for success.

There was no relationship manual handed to us in school.

Most parents, even the good ones - didn’t model healthy relationship behaviours.

And the fairytales fucked us all up.

So women settle for a relationship that’s ‘good enough’…

Sacrifice their true desires to keep up with the status quo…

Stay in toxic relationships ‘for the kids’…or the wrong reasons.

Settle for table scraps of attention…

 Or give up on love all together.

Either way - most women are far from experiencing the depth of love their soul longs for.

But the problem is not love.

It’s not relationships. It’s not men. Or women. It’s not the city you live in. It’s not your age. It’s not your body size. It’s not your powerful, successful career.

It’s your relationship with YOU.

The root of every relationship challenge you experience, romantic or not…is a reflection of what’s happening inside of YOU.

And it’s not your fault.

But you are only one who can change it - to attract the life and love you crave.



This weekend will help you...

Discover shut down aspects of yourself that keep you from experiencing true pleasure

Learn how to communicate your truth, without hurting the people you love

Uncover Limiting Relational Patterns that keep you from love, intimacy and connection

Reconnect with the essence of who you are, so you can own unique irresistibility

Unhooking from past relationships

Learn how to heal your relationship with yourself



DATE: February 13 & 14th, 10am-7pm

Cost: $997.00

LOCATION: Kitsilano

Snacks included.


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