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...for the succesful woman who has it all figured out, Except the "love thing"...

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Discover Your Saboteur Archetype stopping You From Experiencing The Depth of Love You Know Is Possible 


There is a way about Kate... the way she sees into your soul and, with such kindness and grace, lets you know that it is safe to show the world who you are... for me, it was a miracle. I now feel full and whole and radiant.


Working with Kate has completely transformed every aspect of my life. I met someone right after the Immersion, and we are still together 1.5 years later. I have a new job, and i feel empowered in my career.


Before working with Kate, I was starting the divorce mediation process with my ex.The immersion was the perfect way to disrupt my old patterns. I, for the first time in my life, deeply connected with my essence.

Letter From Kate:

To the woman who has it all...except the ‘love thing’

I see you. 

You’ve spent your whole life striving for greatness. Climbing mountains you never thought you could climb. Achieving success you didn’t know was possible. 

But when it comes to love, you feel so incredibly disheartened. You feel like a failure. You did everything right. You checked all of the boxes. You got the degree, established your career, found a guy, maybe even got married…

But it never felt like enough.
Or maybe you’ve even told yourself ‘I don’t really need a man, or a relationship.’ 
But deep deep down, you have a soft longing. A longing for real love. Expansive love. Extraordinary love. 

I see you. 

There’s so much dating advice out there that tells you you need to be X, Y or Z to get the guy.

You’re too proud, or powerful to contort yourself. It feels wrong on every level. So you just keep pushing your longings aside, and you keep on hustling. 

What if I told you you didn't have to be anything else, to have it all?
What if i told you the magic you need to attract the most epic, soul level love..was inside of you all along? 

What if I told you that you just need to get intimate with the part of you that sabotages you from having it all?

I call her your saboteur.  

In this {free} MasterClass, you’re going to get up close and personal with this part of YOU.
You’ll learn all about the aspect of you that’s leading your love life (or sabotaging it)  -  and more importantly, you’ll learn how to shift it. 

I’ve got you. See you inside the MasterClass, love.
~ Kate


Expanded Love Method

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